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Fort Lee is a thriving community located across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan. Fast commute times and beautiful views of New York City are just some of the reasons why so many people love to call this community home. There are numerous restaurants and stores located in Fort Lee. The town of Fort Lee is also home to many parks and recreational activities, including the popular biking trails at the nearby Palisades that connect bikers to the many towns and villages along the Hudson River.

The town has an interesting history, and is regarded as the birthplace of the motion picture industry. In fact, the term“cliffhanger” used to describe suspenseful movies today originated in Fort Lee in the early 1900’s. As pioneer production companies searched the area looking for locations to shoot western films and “wild west” scenes, they discovered the Palisades and Fort Lee. It was here that many early western movies were filmed and the term “cliffhanger” was born.

With many homes for sale and the city’s close proximity to New York City and many diverse cultural activities, Fort Lee real estate has something to offer almost everyone looking for real estate in Bergen County.

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